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Check out the best toys we have to offer

Soft toys designed to be perfectly safe in any scenario

We could say that our soft toys are classic and they definitely are precisely this. We can add that they are safe and they are. Our soft toys have been around for centuries and we have found a way to make them interesting for new generations and to make them better than ever before.


Yes, we offer dolls as well. They are fantastic and they can put a smile on your little girl right now. We have created some of the most popular and the most useful toys of this kind in the human history.

Silicone toys

The most advanced of them all, but at the same time extremely fun to play with and come with plenty of additions. Pick between various toy types, additional offers and even packages that will keep your kid happy for months.

Plastic toys

Our plastic toys are 100% safe and can be used by children of all ages.

Stuff toys

We have stuff toys as well for those who love this type and want to play starting instantly.

Assembly toys

Now your child can have fun while, making his own toy for the first time. All the parts are included.


Yes, we also offer vehicles such as trucks, cars, motorcycle and airplanes all made from safe materials.

Small toys

Want to carry your toy while traveling. Now you can with our small toys.

Massive toys

If you want to give your kid the best or the biggest toy in the world, we have you covered.

Our toys will keep your child happy for months

In the worst case scenario your kid will be happy for months. In the best case, he will be happy for years.